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3 Helpful Questions to Ask Roofing Companies

Is your home in need of a roof repair or replacement? Are you doing your research for roofing companies? If you are, this process can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can be challenging to feel you have all the appropriate information before beginning this home project. To make this process easier, review these three helpful questions below and ask them to potential roofers. After you get the answers, you will have a clear perspective and be ready to move forward with the best company for your project!

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Depending on how long the company has been in business, you will be able to have some idea of their experience. Companies that have been around for a while likely have a plethora of experience that can prove to be useful during your renovation project. These pros have often seen it all and know how to amend any issues that may arise.

2. Do You Provide Written Estimates for Clients?

When researching roofing companies, ensure that your candidates provide written estimates for their clients. Estimates will clearly explain the costs you can expect to pay during the home project and how the company calculated the amounts. Common factors you will likely see in a roofing estimate include material, labor, and rental fees. Of course, it is essential to note that totals will vary depending on the amount of work needed. According to Roofers Guild, homeowners in the United States typically spend between $376 to $1,649 for a roof repair, while the average cost is $985. All in all, these payment overviews can be especially helpful for avoiding a surprise fee after the project is complete.

3. Can I Get Access to Your Company's References?

To ensure that the professionals hired are equipped to complete your home project successfully, get access to the company's reference list before hiring. Reference lists typically include five to ten past clients with completed work within the past six months to a year. If the professional gladly gives you this list quickly, you can be more confident in the company's abilities. On the contrary, if the company is reluctant to hand you a list of references, or they have inadequate reference amounts, you may want to go with a different company.

If you're considering upgrading or repairing your roof, doing your research on the roofing companies in your area is very important. Our team at Your Local Roofer is here to help you. For the most reliable and comprehensive care, call us today.

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